Eyebrows - Permanent Makeup

The eyebrows frame and influence the total symmetry of the face. Having the right shape can take years off and give you a wonderful sexy eyebrow that opens your eyes and gives you a finished look. Permanent makeup is the gentle art of implanting color into the skin, to naturally enhance your facial features, such as eyebrows, eyebrow hair strokes, eyeliner, eyelash enhancements, lip liner, lip shaping, full-lip color and beauty marks. Also known as medical micropigmentation, it can be used to improve the appearance of some medical conditions, for example, eyebrows in alopecia or trichotillomania or to re-pigment skin affected by vitiligo. It is used to camouflage scars and reconstruct the appearance of the areola and nipple after a mastectomy. Also it’s used to camouflage burn scars, surgical scars, alopecia (hair loss) and other skin and color problems. Permanent eyebrow makeup can give you the eyebrows you've always wanted.

Lips - Permanent Makeup

Lips are my favorite facial feature. Nothing like sharing a warm smile or a little sexy pout can brighten up someone’s day. Lips can be beautifully enhanced with permanent makeup. We all want beautiful and full rosy lips. Few women are so lucky. Redefinition of an irregular lip line can be accomplished with a permanent lip liner procedure or full permanent lip color procedure for permanently beautiful lips 24/7 without lipstick.
With permanent lip color and/or lip liner, you can always enhance or change your permanent lip color with lipstick if desired, but you can feel confident that your enhanced lips will look great all the time.

Eyeliner- Permanent Makeup

Eyelash enhancement (Eyeliner) is a procedure where pigment is implanted along the eyelash line. It is a wonderful way to make your lashes look fuller, to accent your eyes and add definition.
Permanent eyeliner is placed in the lash line, which enhances and defines the beauty of the eyes. Minoo`s technique is a very natural look and will make lashes appear thicker when not wearing mascara.